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Incredible All-Natural Diet Tip Helps You Totally Overcome Female Infertility… using an all-natural method (without even taking any pill).

Just give me 10 minutes of your time and I promise to reveal to you the ONE SOLUTION that has absolutely helped me turn my life around and made me more FERTILE than any drug I had ever taken.


In this short letter, I will show you exactly how I went from:

  • being an Infertile (almost barren) despised woman, who was hated by her husband and in-laws to becoming a loving doting and Fruitful woman after I made one major change in my eating habit which I will reveal to you in this article...

how to get pregnant fast what to eat


I want you to pay close attention to the tips I will be dropping here especially if you have any of the INFERTILITY issues I will mention below:

  • You no longer see your monthly Flow as normal as before… or
  • You have issues that is HOLDING BACK your Ovulation
  • or you find it hard to get pregnant when you want to... even if you are medically okay.

Or the most dreadful one which is currently affecting most newly married women which is: having signs of menopause as early as 29 or 30 years.


In fact, if you have any disturbing "women issues" at all and you are serious about getting a cure once and for all then you need to drop everything you are doing right now.

Close all distractions and pay good attention to what I have to reveal now because this page may be TAKEN DOWN soon.



Listen dear,

I stumbled on an eye-opening fact during my long search for a permanent cure to my painful, scanty and Irregular Periods which affected my ability to OVULATE as a full HEALTHY woman.

You may be thinking that this article is not for me because you are not married yet... so, it does not concern you.


Let me tell you something, dear...

If you ignore those little unusual yet painful stomach cramps and irregular spotting of bloods in-between your normal period then it could grow into something WORSE and may BLOCK your ability to have a baby in the future.


God forbid such!


There is ONE big secret the doctors and pharmacists are not telling us.

And, it is that drugs don’t cure everything!

nasty drug side effects

In fact, using too much drugs will weaken your body even more and then your body will need to recover twice before you are fully healed.

Once from the illness and twice from the drugs itself.


Stay with me…

Let me explain dear,


Drugs don't give you 100% relief. It may give you temporal cure... but what about the nasty side-effects?

What about the overall health effects of those pills on your womb, kidneys and liver in the long run?

What about the horrible effects of some of these injections on your ability become a mother in the future??

If you have severe cold or fever, what do you do?

You take a pill. Right?

Or you go for a test, and still buy some drug in the end, isn’t it?

And when you have serious cramps before your monthly Flow what do you do?

You take drugs again, abi?


Now, the problem with this style of treating illnesses is that we focus on curing the symptoms instantly without looking at the root-cause…or what caused the illness in the first place.

If you paid attention carefully, then you should have noticed a pattern already.


Everything ends in “buying drugs”. Notwithstanding the side-effects.


Everyone is looking for how to get instant solutions but nobody is talking about the REAL ISSUE here which is—

"how do I solve this embarrassing Infertility Issue from the Root-Cause once and for all NATURALLY?"


The ANSWER is so simple yet I wonder why so many doctors can't even see this?!


The doctors are so blind to this single fact because everybody is focused on selling drugs.


You see dearie,

I discovered the secret of breaking free from ALL diseases especially "woman sickness” after I got tired of taking injections for my Lack of Ovulation.

I am 100% convinced that anyone including you can find a NATURAL CURE to your Infertility issues including:

  • Lack of Ovulation
  • No Monthly Flows as before
  • Irregular Heavy bleeding and
  • Obstructions like fibroids and cysts following the same easy yet effective steps I took.


Maybe I should tell you my story and how I overcame my own infertility issue using the same natural tips I will reveal to you few minutes from now.

You see, I started having irregular monthly Flows as early as 17… even while I was still a virgin.

It came with so much cramps and a disturbing stomach pain on the left side that would make me lie down flat on my tummy almost every month.

I just took a couple of pain-killers to manage it like every other woman.

Years later, this same irregular menstrual pain has developed into something worse and before you know it… I was no longer seeing my monthly Egg White Mucus in my panty which shows that a woman is ovulating.


I tried drugs as usual but then most of these drugs would either change my monthly Cycle or completely make me bleed for up to 6 days nonstop.

...or it will stop the Flow entirely.


The most embarrassing moment of my life happened when I was almost pushed out of my former fiancé’s house by my mother in-law.


And that was when I swore to find a lasting-solution to this Lack of Ovulation problem…

...even if it meant travelling all the way to some traditional homes for their famous ancient-long cures.


It happened that I came to visit my fiancé as usual on a Saturday morning (23rd of April last year, I can't forget the date)

and I found out that his mother was already there and she had packed all my belongings

...and she asked me to leave her son alone.


It was the most SHOCKING part of my life as a woman and it hurt me so much that I left the compound with tears in my eyes

I was surprised when my mother in-law (to be) told me to my face that she doesn’t want her son to marry a woman who cannot bear him kids.

It was heart-breaking being insulted because you cannot have babies.

Imagine being called “a barren old woman” who came to snatch her son?

I couldn’t believe my ears.


I stormed out of the house broken-down. I began to call my close friends for help because I felt like giving up.

I began to understand a bit of what most women are passing through… especially when they find it hard to conceive a baby in their marriage.


I took lots of medical test and drugs, yet no solution!

My ovulation was still not coming and my periods was always scanty. Sometimes, it takes up to 30 something days.


I tried a whole lot of things… even things I am not too proud of and can't mention here just to get my Fertility back like every other normal woman.


Nothing was working!


Sometimes, your monthly Flo will show up.

Other times it may not appear at all and when you do a PT the result will be negative.


The drugs that worked had too many side-effects.

At a time, I even lost hope because it seems as if I was stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea… with no one to turn to but God.


I thank God my fiancé did not dump me.

HE stood strong by my side till we found a lasting & NATURAL solution to my Lack of Ovulation… which I discovered was caused by my Imbalanced Hormones.




...but this single thing called Imbalanced Hormones can wreck a lot of havoc on your ability to have a baby.


It was during my years of endless search for a natural solution that I met an experienced older female Doctor...

...who introduced me to this same mind-blowing natural fertility-boosting tips I am about to drop on your laps


In fact, if you are finding it hard to:

  • ovulate or have kids when you want to.
  • or, miscarriages has showed you "pepper" and always taking your baby away every time…
  • Or, Fibroids, PCOS or other Infertility Tumors.
  • including HOTTNESS of the womb...

Then I want you to know that...

...the NUMBER ONE cause of your Infertility Issues is: your Imbalanced Hormones.


Now, in case you don’t know what a hormone is, let me explain it for you...

a hormone is just a chemical released inside your blood which carries messages from your brain to the organs in your body.


For example, when you get pregnant, your brain will release ‘pregnancy hormones’ into your blood and this hormone will pass a message to your body which will cause you to start producing breast milk.

That is why it is difficult to conceive if you have breast milk leaking from your breasts and you are not pregnant .


Imbalanced hormones causes it.


When your hormones are not stable or balanced, you may begin to have:

  • hot flashes and sweats all over out of no-where.
  • You get dry during S.E.X
  • Thyroid problems will spring up!
  • Hair grows on your chest, jaws, and lips like a man.
  • and you may not see your normal egg white mucus on your pants again… even when you are still very young.

egg white mucus get pregnant naturally


And also... when your brain releases too much or too little of a particular hormone, it will start affecting how your body works. This reaction may come in different ways.

That is when you start noticing strange things such as:

  • blood stains in the middle of your cycle.
  • Funny smelly discharge in your panties.
  • Painful cramps'
  • Too much clumps or clots of blood in your Flo'
  • Movement inside your tummy (just below your navel)

And the rest…


The single most important THING you need to do before even thinking about having a baby or crushing your Fibroids… or curing any infertility issue you have is to BALANCE YOUR HORMONES first!


And to do that, you have 2 options:

  1. Depend on expensive drugs that does not provide a permanent solution to your problems… and also gives you terrible digusting side effects or....
  2. Focus on a natural, safe, long-lasting solution…which I will show you below.

Now, if you are serious about getting RID of all your Infertility 'wahala’ using natural tips then the only question you should be thinking of this moment is….

 “How do I balance my hormones naturally?”

…and reverse Infertility without making any embarrassing visits to the hospital?

And the answer is… by following the exact steps I took during my 3 years search for a natural cure.

I must confess… it wasn’t easy to balance my Hormones without drugs but it is worth it.


And the honest truth is that most of the fertility tests can be very expensive.

Most women usually take advice from the local chemist down the street or ask their friends because they are shy of meeting a doctor.

The secret to saying Good-Bye to all your Fertility “women wahala” troubles is to Balance Your Hormone.

And taking drugs to balance your hormones will only cause more problem for you because…

The drugs will only solve it temporarily.

But will not correct it from the original root-cause.

It’s simple!


Drugs work. But it also creates a lot of nasty unpleasant side-effects along the way.

drug abuse Nurse vivian

Natural solutions are what I used to balance my own hormones and sky-rocket my Fertility when I was having non-stop women issues ranging from spotting to irregular period… and even no Ovulation at all.


That is the reason why you experience a lot of uncontrollable mood swings.


Today you are so HYPER and excited then tomorrow you will be so depressed you’ll even think about suicide.


It is all a sign of hormonal changes, dear.

Your body is sending you a message that something is wrong.


Drugs can help you control them but then sometimes, when you stop taking those drugs you cannot have a baby in the end.

...but then, what is the way forward?

Is There a Solution that is Safe & Healthy?


Yes there is!

It took me almost 3 looong years of painful stressful search with lots of trial & errors to identify these FERTILITY-BOOSTING tips I am revealing to you…


And, if I can defeat infertility then I believe that anyone including you can do the same.

Raw carrots, purple cabbage, tomatoes and brocolli hormone-regulating soup

This are some of the raw Fertility Boosting Meals I used to take.


In fact, I cannot start telling you everything I did from A to Z here because it will take almost 1,000 pages.

And we will sleep here. Wake up… and still won’t be done.


But then I have taken the time to breakdown the most important steps that I noticed was most effective for me.

And I have complied it into a simple easy-to-follow videos and downloadable eBooks

It's just available for the first few women who are lucky enough to register now…while it is still available.

In my Facebook Group, The Fruit of The Womb, we call this program…

The 14-Day Fertility-Boosting Program…

This is a program I created for women like you who are action takers and wish to take control of their Fertility today... using natural healthy diets to boost your ovulation and increase your chances of becoming a mother soon enough.


I will take you by the hand and show you the same steps I took to completely crush infertility forever without swallowing any useless drugs.


Here are the awesome benefits you stand to GAIN from this program as soon as you register today:

1.  A Full Raw Diet Course on how to Balance Your Hormones and cure your infertility issues.

(Original Value: N25,500 naira)

P.S: This is a sure-fire natural way you cleanse your body of any impurity and toxins that may have piled up and caused your Infertility issue

(using everyday common yet potent herbs & fruits like Maca & Uziza seeds).


Here is what you gain when you start & complete this diet course:

  • Your irregular periods will begin to normalize
  • Your Ovulation and white mucus will slowly start coming back
  • Your hormones will start balancing and...
  • Your chances of having a baby will be almost instantly doubled.

2.  Five Explainer Videos on How To Boost Your Fertility & Womb Healing Today

In this Hot 5 video series, I spilled out the:

(value N10,570)

  • 5 Causes of Infertilitly In Men like Poor Energy of his Sperm Cells and How You can Reverse this.
  • 3 Tips to get pregnant faster than normal by eliminating some common habit especially 2 weeks after you ovulate.
  • Most Common Causes of Infertility in Women especially PID or 'Toilet infection' that you and your doctor may be ignoring...all in this 5 video series
  • and how to calculate your Ovulation and your most Fertile Period to know when best to meet your partner in bed.

3. The Massive Erection Juice Formula (for your man's sperm cells)

Better erection juice

Simple juice that you can prepare in the comfort of your home for your man. This juice will do 3 things once you begin to feed your man with it:

(value: N4500, yours for free)

  1. It will give your man the kind of HARD erections that is guaranteed to work all night
  2. Your man will be able to LAST LONGER all night and have SUPER-CHARGED cells that can get you pregnant in less than 3 months.
  3. This juice has been proven to give absolute POWER to your man's sperm cells and make it survive the journey to your eggs. 

This juice formula is a must have for all women whose husband is having Low Count. Or having erectile dysfunction.

4. One week Members Private email follow-up

This gives you direct access to me and Kene. It is almost like a one-on-one consultation.

(Original Value: N25,970)

Right now, I know what you are thinking...

You're probably thinking:

"This is not true. It's just marketing" or "its a lie and a big wash" or a scam.

I understand. I know it sounds too good to be true.


In fact, you have every reason not to believe me. I would do the same if I were in your shoes.


Honestly, I truly don't want you to listening to me anymore.

Don't take my word for it.

But then... Listen to what other women are saying about my Fertility Boosting Program and how it has changed their life forever:

Here is what Other Women Are Saying About The Fertility Boosting Program...

"Only God can do this. Thanks to my friend Fatima, for introducing me to Nurse Vivian's Fertility Program. It took a while but it's better late than never."

Mrs Ify
Lagos, Nigeria

"After having my first son, it was difficult for me to conceive again, I just joined the Fertility Program. It's 2 months now and my ovulation is more noticeable. I believe God will do it for me this year with Nurse Vivian's Fertility course"

Iya Biliki
Ogun, Nigeria

"Nurse Vivian's Fertility Program changed my life. My husband is proud of me, my enemies are put to shame. I am a living testimony. And my God never lies. Finally, I'm proud of myself for never giving up"

Deaconess Grace
Enugu, Nigeria

"My biggest benefit from The Fertility program is not just the ability to get pregnant but understanding how my eating habits affects everything I do. My overall health is 100%. I haven't felt so healthy in a long time"

Mrs Msurgh
Kaduna, Nigeria

"As I write this, my little baby is fast asleep beside me; I am a mother after 23 years of trying and would start my own family after a long time. Please dont give up, even if it doesn't work. My own took a long time. God's time is the best"

Mrs Molokwu
Abuja, Nigeria

"Babies are the best gift a woman can give her husband. Thanks to my wife Sommy, she didn't give up. Thanks to Nurse Vivian who showed us the right days to try and what to eat in her Fertility Program"

Mr Innocent
Accra, Ghana

So, Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Week #1 - Diet Check

During the first week after you register, we will add you to our Private Facebook group for paid members only.

In this group, I'll get to monitor your daily diet for one full week before we continue to the step 2. This will give me a better idea of how your eating habit is.

Week #2 - The 14-Day Diet Plan Starts

You will begin the 14 Day Dieting and you will take a break after the first 3 days... and continue after a day break.

You'll also get to watch the Fertility videos I will share with you at this stage. Then you'll complete your dieting proper and watch your Fertility come back

Week #3 - The Womb Healing Massage Begins

This is one of the most crucial part of this training especially if you have:

  • Ovarian Cysts or...
  • Fibroids or...
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes & scar tissues.

This is the womb-healing stage. Where you gradually begin to repair & reverse the uterus...depending on the level of damage already done.

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You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

You have my satisfaction guarantee on this one!

So, if you are serious about Balancing Your Hormones & increasing your chances  of getting Pregnant this year, then the only question running through your mind now should be:


"How much is the registration fee for the Fertility Program?"


As you can see…

1.  The 5 Fertility videos for downloads (original value = N15,500)


2.  The 14-Day Fertility Diet Plan (initial value: N45,970)


3.  The Ovulation Calculation Videos & email follow-up (initial value: N53,750)


4.  The Womb Healing Massage Videos (for increasing monthly Flows, shrinking your tumors and unblocking your womb) Value: N164,970

…is worth more than N164,000 naira in total.


But then, the price is a bit high for some women and I want lots of women to join this program too... not just the wealthy ones.


And because of that I am willing to further SLASH down the price  by HALF again.



I am wlling to give away this life-changing program that took me close to 3 years plus to perfect for less than half the original price because I want you to get it.


I mean... I could give it out for N164,000 naira, and it would still be worth it.

But then, I'm even going to reduce the PRICE so LOW that it will not even cost you up to the sum you will be charged if you visited a hospital.

It won't even be up to the price of a Chiffon gown.


You will get the Ferility Boosting Program for N9,500 naira only.


And that's the amazing discount registration fee.

It's not even up to the price of a Chiffon gown.

But then I have Bad News!

This program and the discount will not be open forever.

What this means is that the price promo will expire as soon as the countdown timer hits zero in less than 4 days from now.


If you don't take action and grab this opportunity to invest in this Fertility-Boosting Program at a Low Price now, then you will miss this chance.


And after one the countdown timer expires, the price will go back up to N17,500.

And by the end of next week, the promo will be over and the registration for this  Fertility Boosting Program will go back to the original price of N45,000.


What are you still waiting for?


Click on the "Get Access" button below to make payment with your ATM card online.

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So, if you have decided to take control of your Fertility just the same way I did years ago then all you have to do is click on the “Get Instant Access” button below now


Don’t forget…

The 75% Price Discount will not last forever.

It will expire as soon as the countdown timer hits zero.


Listen dear,

  • I want you to imagine how easy and stress-free your life would be months from now… when you must have mastered the steps in this program.
  • Imagine how fulfilled and complete you will be knowing that you can get pregnant anytime you want to irrespective of your age or what you have been through in the past.
  • Imagine the joy that will feel your heart when you pick up the phone to announce your new Pregnancy to your family
  • Imagine sleeping and waking knowing that your monthly Flo is now back to normal. No blood stains on the bedsheets.
  • Imagine the joy you would gain as a FULL fertile woman for just a little registration fee of N9,500

Imagine living your life without being afraid of what your husband or in-law thinks about your inability to have a baby.


Remember dear,

If you don’t take this opportunity now and it expires, you will LOSE 3 MAJOR THINGS:

  • You will lose the chance to grab this program for a reduced priced of N9,500 naira.
  • You will lose out on the chance to discover the natural drug-free way of balancing your Hormones which is the most important step to take when fighting any ‘fertility’ problem
  • You will also miss this once-in-a­-lifetime opportunity to look over my shoulder and see exactly how I did it using very natural diets and vegetables you can find around…no matter your location.

Let's take a look at what you get when you register again:


  1. The 14-Day Fertility Boosting Raw Diet Plan for downloads (original value = N15,500) plus
  2. The Fertility Massage Videos for downloads (original value = N19,570)
  3. One Week email Follow-up by Nurse Vivian (initial value: N25,970)
  4. Ovulation Calculating Video for downloads too (yours for free)
  5. The Massive Erection Juice Formula Videos for downloads (initial value: N4,500 yours for free)


Total Value: N 164,000

Discount Value (for this week):  N 9,500

Click on the “Register Now” button to make payment using your card now.

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Or if you prefer to do a transfer, use the account details below :


Bank: Access bank

Acct name: Sillprofit 

Acct number: 0772491257


After you make payment please send a text my medical assistant, Kene on 09060104122 and he will confirm your payment.


After that, he will send you a private link to access your Fertility Program now.


But if you pay using this the "Register Now" button below, you will get the download links sent to you immediately.

No need to call or wait for anyone before getting started with your Fertility Boosting Program.


NOTE: this offer ends as soon as the countdown timer hits zero in less than 3 days from now... and the price will go up to N17,000... and after one week, it will return to it's original price of N45,500. 

So, Hurry. Don't miss it!

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 Just before you register, here are a few of the most common questions women who have purchased this Program have asked us.

You may find that we have already answered most of your questions here…


1.  Is the Fertility videos and books in a physical copy?

ANSWER: this entire fertility program is available for you to download and get instant access to on your phone or laptop. No sending of any physical book because of distance.

You will sit in your room and download your own copy of the step-by-step instructions by me.

It’s almost like a one-on-one coaching except its online.


2. Who is this program meant for?

I always get this question and here is the answer,

  • It is meant for women like you who are tired of trying medicines and pills, and have decided to seek an ALL-NATURAL solution.

  • it is meant for women who have not removed their two tubes or permanently damaged their uterus.

  • It is meant for women who wants to unblock their tubes, balance their hormones and get pregnant fast using natural ways.

3. Does it work for women who have Fibroids & Ovarian Cysts?

It will work for you as long as the tumor is not already too big and is not located behind or within the uterus. So, you can go ahead and register if your tumor is not at the back or inside the walls.

4. Can it help me regain my normal Monthly Flow?

Yes, like I said earlier, once you balance your hormones, your Flow will begin to normalize. But it may take a few months depending on the level of your own case.

5. What about couple who are medically okay but cannot conceive?

It is perfect for you. Because I talked about the secret of combining foods in the program.

And how you can use it to normalize your acid level so it isn't too acidic that it kills offf your husband's sperm cells before it fertilizes your eggs

6. What if I had surgery recently?

I advice you talk with a medical personnel face to face.

7. Does it help to correct years of miscarriage?

Yes. We have a full chapter in the Diet Plan eBook you will download on how to feed your body to avoid miscarrying. But it will not stop a miscarriage that has already begun.

8. I don’t have enough money now can I get a second chance?

After now, the registration fee will go back up to the initial value of N49thousand plus.

This is just a limited offer so that more women can participate in this program now at a low price now.

If you don't have money, at least ask your husband especially after feeding him or... in the bedroom.

9. I need to get Pregnant quick. What do I eat?

I always tell women that there are lots of ways to eat yourself to pregnancy. But the problem is not what to eat. It is how and when to eat them.

In the first week of the Fertiilty Program, you will need to follow a day-by-day diet plan for the duration of the program… depending on your lifestyle and occupation.

10. How I am sure this is not a scam?

Nurse Vivian and her programs have been featured on Vanguardngr, Nairaland and Facebook and even Instagram, officially.

She currently has one of the most interactive Facebook groups in Nigerai with more than 19,000 fruitful moms in it already.

11. If I register now, what next do I need to do?

After you make payment, kindly call Kene on 09060104122 to confirm your payment or send a mail to nursevivian [at]

12. How long does it take to confirm payment?

It will take less than 5 minutes after transcation (if you do a mobile transfer or bank payment)

But you will access the materials instantly if you use the online payment option here

13. Will I become the next testimony in your group?

Yes! I pray you are, dear.



What are you still waiting for? Time is ticking away!

Take action now before offer expires; to Register now visit >>>